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Welcome, I hope you enjoy your visit, here at my site.

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My new book:

Price: $14.99 AUD. Approx. 34,200 words.

The book can be ordered through Shirley’s email address for $20 including postage within Australia or $15 if you pick it up yourself. At present it is available at Beaumaris Books and Dymocks Southland.

Published on February 6, 2013 by CUSTOM BOOK PUBLICATIONS.

Category: Fiction


Comments & Reviews

Shirley Whiteway's novella, Juliet - The Hatmaker's Loves ... captured my interest and involvement in the first sentence. I was instantly in her 'place'. Rivetting!

-Diana Whaley, Broadcaster, Writer & Editor

Juliet is a charming and in some ways sad book but the happy ending makes up for it. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was hard to put down. Well-written and edited. Hard not to give it five stars.

-Janice Shrimpton, HK


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